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Bike not running right? Caught a pothole? We can help. Our experienced technicians can solve even the biggest problems. We stock most parts and can get you back on the road quickly. From lubricating the chain and gears to replacing a bent rim, we do it all.

Looking to upgrade your bike? We stock high performance parts as well as custom parts for most bikes. We install all parts we sell! Come by today and let us get you rolling again.

Basic Tune-up $69.99

* Check the condition of the chain and tires
* Inspect and basic adjustment of the bottom bracket
* Basic Truing of wheels
* Adjust the hubs
* Adjust the head set
* Lube cables and chain
* Adjust the shift systems
* Adjust the brakes
* Basic wipe down of the frame
* Replace parts as needed (additional cost for parts and labor)

Drive Train Clean $39.99 AND UP

Thorough cleaning of bicycle drive train.

Bike wash $25.00

Thorough cleaning of bicycle frame and wheels.

Lee’s Performance Tune-up $129.99 (Best Value)

* Everything included with the basic tune-up, bike wash, & drive train cleaning:
* Complete and thorough cleaning of the drive train.

* Detailed wheel, brake and gear adjustments.

Complete Overhaul $169.99

The Overhaul is a much more extensive reconditioning of the bike. Overhauls almost always require the replacement of worn parts, and are a necessity for those seeking to return their bikes to like new condition.

* Everything included in the Performance Tune-Up
* Overhaul all bearings. Replacement parts not included.

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